Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Secret Beloved Lecturer

How great to have this person as our beloved lecturer here in Sanata Dharma University. Do you know why I say this person is beloved. You may have some reasons, but for sure, one thing the person has is a very unique way of handling classes when teaching. This unique way inspires and maintains our spirit in learning and mastering skills in English, like vocabulary, pronunciation, interactional speech, and so on. So, does it mean that without this person our spirit for learning English will collapse into pieces? Of course boy !!!!! Long time no see the lecturer, piles of vocabularies you have got would freely jump out of your brain without leaving any trace.

The person doesn`t like putting any kind of face powder on the face with chubby cheeks. Besides, this middle thirties-aged person dislikes putting any colors of lipstick on the natural reddish lips. The natural reddish lips suits so much the person`s complexion. The fair-skinned person actually has simple but beautiful earrings on the right and left earlobes. You barely see them as they are hidden tidily in the bob straight hair. Even though the person always combs the hair in a middle-parted style, you can`t see any grey from afar, you can hardly see any greyish hair when standing a very close distance away. The person cleverly hides the greyish hair under the black hair. I just guess that the person always goes to a very nearby salon every weekend to have the hair coloured. That is another reason why the bob-haired person always looks so smart.

Once I heard straight from the person that the person was slim when studying here in PBI, but now the person has put on a bit weight since getting married. So, it is clear now that it is not because of failing many times in winning a scholarship abroad. That person is around 65 kgs in weight and 150s in height. Another secret is that the person tends to have snacks while correcting students` papers or when working on the Lap Top. Amazingly the more the person puts on weight the more the person tries to reduce some kgs. Heheheheeeee....This clearly gives us a clue why that person very often runs when commuting between the common room and that person`s office.

Actually the person is short-sighted yet the person doesn`t like wearing glasses while teaching us in the class. The full of life person is afraid that the only and very expensive glasses will jerk out when jumping in the aisles or in the front of the class. Even if the person has no glasses on the big round short-sighted eyes, the person still looks very attractive. The dark eyebrows and eyes the person has just capture your eyes. The color of the clothes the person puts on also catches your eyes so much. The person likes wearing blackish: shoes, trousers and shirt. The blackish clothes just suit the person`s fair skin.

The person has very beautiful smile. The person likes making jokes whenever and wherever, including in the class while describing or explaining things to the students. Amazingly, the jokes makes the person giggle first while covering up the natural reddish lips with hands. The giggle makes students burst out laughing, whereas the person face becomes tanned. This makes the person much more charming than ever. The way the person explains all about English words: the root of the words, synonyms, antonyms, and derivatives also attract your eyes and mind. That`s why the students can easily understand them. The jokes don`t distract students` attention at all. It is proved in the students` work results.

Some of us, and of course including me, right now miss the person so much as the person`s subjects are taught by other lecturers. The person is far away and will be back in a couple of years. It will be a long time to not see the person. If you feel that the vocabulary you have got so far jump out of your head, just think of and imagine that person, create a picture of that person, put it in front of you, and start memorizing the new words. The words going into your mind won`t ooze away. Believe me!!! Heheee... Just try by now!!! WHO IS THE PERSON, ANYWAY ???

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  1. of course. .
    miss marnie. .
    am I right?

  2. She must be Miss Marnie, father!
    I'm really sure! ^^

  3. hi Rm.your guess is correct.and I wanna to guess to your writting too.o yeah your fov Lecturer is i don't but I just is this Ms Marnie?