Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

Fried rice (for one serving)

Hi Guys, welcome back to my account. Now you are finding the process of making my lovely delicious fried rice, one of my morning menus. Of course you want to know the process of making it, don`t you? Here I go.
I need some utensils like: a frying pan, a slice, and 2 plates. I also need some ingredients like: a plate of cooked rice, 1 egg, 1 tomato, 2 bell peppers, 3 cloves of garlic, 3 onions, 1 sachet of masako, cooking oil, and salt.
I need some 15 minutes to get all the above mentioned utensils and ingredients ready. Luckily I have a running tap, so after washing the utensils under the running tap, I wash the tomato, garlic, onion, and bell peppers. Next, I peel the garlic and onion then crush them together with bell peppers and salt. Lastly, I chop the tomato.
When everything is ready, I start cooking while listening to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting) news, with the beautiful Waltzing Matilda song. I put the stove on then I put the clean frying pan in the fire. I put a little cooking oil into the frying pan. When it is hot enough I put the crushed garlic, onion, bell peppers and salt together into the sizzling oil. I fry them together until they get a sweet aroma, then I set them aside on a plate for a few minutes. This actually takes me approximately five minutes.
Now I wash the hot frying pan under the running tap. I dry it with a paper towel before putting it in the fire again. Then I put one spoonful of cooking oil in it. Next I beat the prepared egg and put it straight away into the frying pan. When the egg is well done, I turn down the heat a bit, then I take it out of the frying pan and put it on a plate. I slice the cooked egg then put it on the same plate for awhile.
After taking the frying pan off the stove I wash it under the running tap again for the third time and dry it with the paper towel. Before putting a little oil again into the frying pan, I put the frying pan on the fire and put the stove onto a medium heat. When it gets hot enough I put the cooked rice into the boiling oil and turn it upside down when it hisses.
Guys, the process of making my lovely fried rice is almost through. It has already taken me almost thirty minutes altogether. While turning over the hissing rice, I put a little masako and the sliced egg into the frying pan and mix them together with the cooked rice for about three minutes. Now, the fried rice is ready to eat. Lastly, I turn off the stove then put the fried rice on the other plate. After sometime I start eating the lovely delicious fried rice enjoyably right in the kitchen. Yummy yummy yummy..........
If you want me to share the only plate of fried rice, please, just contact me as soon as possible. OK???

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  1. Hi father...
    Hm...How will be the taste of ur fried rice? hehehe...

    Father, if I'm not mistaken and based on writing resources that I've read, ur writing is a procedure. It's because there are so many active voice while a process should have more passive voice.

    Btw, please comment my posting too...
    Thank u... :)

  2. Hohohohohox.........
    I want the fried rice for free.......

  3. yeah, I want three plate of your fried rice opa Romo...

  4. Father, are you sure that you can cooking??
    is it really delicious??

  5. hmmmmmm,....that food is delicious again,.if ROMO cook fried rice to me, because my favorite food is FRIED RICE. I like it!!