Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

My Daily Activies

Hi Guys, these are my daily activities.
I usually wake up at 4 A.M. then lie down for 15 minutes before getting up at 4.15. After that I go to my bathroom to take a bath for 5-10 minutes. Then I prepare myself for a 15-minute-morning prayer in the chapel which is continued with saying mass till 5.45. I then take 15 minutes to have breakfast.

Soon after breakfast, I go to my bathroom again to brush my teeth. I usually leave home for campus at 6.45 or 6. 50. I always ride at 80/85 km/hrs, so it takes me 10 - 15 minutes to reach the campus. Sometimes I leave home for the campus at 8.45, even at 10.45; it depends on when my classes start. Sometimes I have three classes at a stretch. For example, on Wednesdays and Fridays my classes go from 7 till 12.50. On Mondays and Thursdays my classes start from 9. On Tuesdays they start at 11 and finish at 3.50 P.M. Every Monday my class finishes at 10.50, on Wednesdays at 12.50.,and Thursdays at 17.50.

I usually have lunch around 1 P.M. but sometimes at 10.30 or 2 P.M. at my favorite warung. Every Tuesday I have lunch in the class, right on 12.50. because I have Structure 2 class at 1 P.M. If it`s just by chance, we don`t have class, I usually go the library or the SAC to study or do my assignments, or I go to the Work Station to study English on DynEd.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening I join an English club in Babarsari from 6 to 7.30 P.M. I do enjoy that club very much as I have native speakers from the USA, UK, and Australia. Moreover I have very clever friends from UGM and Atmajaya.

I don`t have class on Saturdays, but I very often go to campus in the morning to join an extra-curricular activity, or to read or borrow or return books from the library. I just go home at 12.

Compared to the last semester, this semester is a hectic one. Since the beginning of this semester I have never gone home right after my lunch. I usually go home at 4 or 5 P.M. Yet, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I just make it at 7.45 P.M. I have no time to have a snooze. So, you can imagine how tired I am. All of the piles of activities burn me out. Besides that you know that I don`t take an afternoon bath. Yet, my excellent expensive perfume from Switzerland can kill my body odor ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺, so you can still come close to me.

At home I sometimes have dinner with my friends at 6.30. Nevertheless, three times a week I have dinner alone at 8 o`clock. After that I do my assignments. As I don`t have a nap during the day, I usually go to bed early, at 9 0r 10 after browsing on the internet. I usually read and make comments on your blog, any day, once or twice a week. I appreciate your writings, I do learn from you in improving my English. I always have a good sleep till I wake up and get up on the following morning at 4 A.M. Yet, if I go to bed right after dinner, I get up at 2 A.M. to do my assignments.

Every Saturday, after breakfast I do my chores, like washing a week`s dirty clothes, cleaning my bedroom and bathroom before going to campus. After having lunch at 12.30 I go to bed to have a nap. It`s a very long nap. I get up at 4 then iron my clothes. After that I have a bath. Before having dinner I prepare my sermon for Sunday`s mass, the following morning. Most of the masses are said in Indonesian; sometimes in English when we have visitors from Europe or India or Pakistan. After dinner I enjoy time with my friends till 9, then I go to bed.

Sunday is a lovely day for me. After saying the mass, I have my breakfast then go to bed again till 12 o`clock to recharge my batteries for the next long hard burdensome week. After having lunch I sometimes go bed again till 4 P.M. then I take a bath. My Sunday dinner is at SOVERDI. Before hitting the road to SOVERDI, next to the Airforce, I study or do my assignments till 6.30 P.M. The dinner starts at 7. When I come home at 8 I study again then go to bed at 10 P.M.

Hi Guys, that is all about my DAILY ACTIVITIES. Enjoy reading it!!!. I am waiting for your comments on it. Thank you.

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  1. Father,,,,
    can you tell me more about ENGLISH CLUB??
    it's really interesting that you can join with many native speakers....
    Would you like to introduce me to them??
    owh yeah,,,, please persuade them to follow English Mass in Chapel at 10 April 2010 in saturday at 4.30 P.M.
    would you like to promote it???
    I'm very happy if you want....

  2. Heheheheheeee.....Cute Sari....I`m glad that you are the first one who have read my daily activity. Sorry, all of my friends and the native speakers are non Catholics. I am the only Catholic.

  3. OWh..... okwy.....
    maybe you can promote it to another people who are catholics....

  4. romo..that's so funny story. .
    pripun ya mo,cara nulis biar bsa banyak gtu?

  5. Father, I feel the same feeling like u...
    This semester is really tiring...
    However, keep spirit!
    Be happy! ^^

    Comment my posting, please Father...
    Thank u... ^^

  6. wow.. it is a nice writing father, hehe..

    yupz, like sari's comment, I am also very happy if you want to help us to promote English mass,,hehe,,

    father, what is SOVERDI?
    and I want to ask you how to join the English club? is there any criteria?hehe,,

    hehe, actually I forgot about the daily activity's assignment, so today I post it ..hehe

    wkwk,, about Bill Clinton's joke, like this pokoknya...hehe

  7. hi, father...

    a little bit shocked to read your work. so u don't brush your teeth when u take a bath in the morning? hmm... hehehe ^^v

    however it is nice to know your daily activities.

    i think you have good grammar :)
    but in the sixth paragraph, i think it is "compared to", not "comparing to".

    keep your spirit!!

  8. Heheheheheeeeee....my dear Friends, thank you for your great comments on my daily activities. Thank you Mbak Leonie for your correction; instead of comparing to, I should write compared to. I am so grateful for that. Yessss..for sure I do brush my teeth la.....But I always brush them every after having meal; so I do not need to brush when I take a bath in the morning
    For Mbak Delz......SOVERDI stands for Societas Verbi Divini (Latin), in Indonesian Serikat Sabda Allah. It is a congregation which I belong to. It is also the name of our house. The second one: the English Club. Actually it is very expensive to join the club. To join it for 6 months I paid last February Rp 4.5 million. I can still join it till the middle of August.
    For Tiara.......Thank you Tiara for your great comfort. Now I know that it is not only me having the same feeling. I thought it was only me as I am very old to study English in a very formal way. I keep trying to be happy and keep my fingers crossed to have strength in coping the difficulties I am facing now.

    Once again thank you my dear friends.

  9. waaaaaaaaaw Father very long writing.O yeah thanks For comment,yeah for my daily activity is like that,every time,every day I do like that so what I want to say it reality.

  10. hi Father... :D
    I forgot to attach my Self Defense exercise schedule.
    My Karate schedule usually on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.
    On Monday and Thursday, the Karate exercising is held at Atma Jaya campus...
    On Wednesday and Friday, it is held at Sanata Dharma University.
    The last, on Sunday, it is held at Paningan Campus...
    Want to join us???