Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

New Insight You may get from this Miniparadise

This is the biggest rectangle-shaped space in Campus I of Sanata Dharma with green grass and some beautiful fairly tall green trees in it. The green grass is just like a golf field from afar. The beautiful tall green trees bring you back to somewhere right in the forest you may have once been. The greenish grass and trees give you some fresh air. Some colorful birds perching and singing up high in the trees really attract and catch you eyes to say hello to them. Unconsciously you get very close to a nature and become one with it like Adam and Eve in the Paradise long time back.

The size is approximately 30mx40m.It is located in front of an old building with a garage and in the west of a four-floored building. It is fenced permanently with a brick wall in the south and iron bar in the west, facing a main road and post office.

To reach this place you may go by gate either from the west or the north. After you park you motorcycle under the shelter or in front of the buildings, very soon you will reach the place. You will find the green grass cut very nicely. Beside that you will find many beautiful big trees. The leaves are so green, not only because of the sufficient water under their strong big roots, but also because of the soil is very fertile.

When you slowly go around the green space you can differentiate one tree from the others. You can even name them one by one. It is very easy to find their names. They are almond tree: ketapang (3), acacia: akasia (1), bayan tree: beringin (5), christmas tree: pohon natal (4), nephelium tree: rambutan (1), coconut tree (2), jack fruit tree: nangka (2), mango (4). There is a very special tree with a writing on the trunk: gnetum-gnemon (in Latin) or Mlinjo (in Jawa). Actually there are 13 of this kind of tree. Some of the trees, like coconut, mlinjo, and nephelium standing along side the iron-barred fence. They are bearing fruits. These attract most of the birds to perch in them.

If you go further to the brick-walled fence you will find a pile of garbage in front of a store room and a garbage tank made of iron lying at one end of the garbage. It is an unpleasant sight. Anyway, the beautiful songs sung by the assorted birds soon attract your eyes to the other fence with a beatuiful small garden along side the iron-barred fence. The garden has a flower bed. There are three garden lamps standing firmly in the middle and the edge of the garden. There is also a line of paving stones just right in the middle of the flower bed. At one end of the flower bed you find a big frog-statue warmly smiling at you as long as you are facing at him.

When you get exhausted by doing assignments from lecturers or reading too many books that you`ve borrowed from the library, please don`t forget to pop into this paradise. The fresh air may give you some inspiration in memorizing new English words in your list, and the beautiful melodic birds songs may teach you how to read the words in a proper English wavy pronunciation.

Which place I am talking about?

Kamis, 11 Februari 2010


My full name is Antonius Waget. You might feel funny and question why I call myself Anton "Penting". Actually PENTING stands for Pendatang Keriting. Besides, penting describes how important I am for my family.

I come from a big family of 8 children, in Flores, NTT. As one of my sisters is late, I have four sisters and two brothers. My father is also late already since last year, June 26. I am the first son, second born. The first, third, fifth, and sixth are girls. The late was the fourth born. The first and the fifth born are still singles. The third and the sixth born are married. Two of my brothers, the seventh and the eighth are still singles. My mother is living alone at home, as all of us, the children are at work and universities, including myself. I did my Philosophy degree in a university in Flores (1992-1997), and now I am studying in University of Sanata Dharma, at English Language Education.

Honestly, I am so grateful to be born in the family with a great responsible parents. All of the children are well educated. My mother and late father worked very hard to educate us. The last born is at the first year of one of the universities in Flores. He joined the university just right after my father passed on. As the first son and according to our culture, I must take over the very important ("Penting") responsibility from my late father. So, together with my mother, I am responsible for the last born`s education.

You might have a question how I help my youngest brother while studying. I have a benefactor willing to support his study. So far everything is going so well, and I am very happy with my life as a student with a responsibility I have to take. I feel as the first son in the family I am very important "Penting" "person for my youngest brother.

Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

My first Hi

Hi hi hi.....what a wonderful paragraph writing class!!!