Kamis, 15 April 2010

Dream Dream Dream

Dear friends, now I`m back again here in this journal with my big dreams. Hoping you enjoy reading it.

I have some big dreams. One of my biggest dreams is to be a qualified English teacher. This has been inspiring me a lot in learning and doing whatever is connected with English here in Yogyakarta and Sanata Dharma in particular. Before graduating from this top university I have to master as much as possible vocabulary, structure, pronunciation, reading, listening, speaking, writing,as well as paragraph writing. My next biggest dream is to be able to write an academic writing in the near future. This is very important for journal writing and especially for my thesis in the last semester.

The third dream is to stay good friends with all of my classmates of more or less 148, the seniors, lecturers, and the coming students of 2010/2011. Having as many people as good friends is very important for me, because there is a saying: "No man is an island", and this is true for all ages. Moreover, being amongst the many here in SADAR without having any single person as a good friend is a shame if not a guilt. It would be wonderful to have more lecturers as my friends. By doing so, I wouldn`t feel hesitant to be close or to chat or have them solve any problems I encounter in learning English.

The fourth dream is to finish my study on time, because finishing on time is being economical in the sense of money and time. Another reason is that I want to go back to my previous school as soon as possible. I constantly miss my students and colleagues at my school.

So, dear loving friends, that`s all my current big dreams. I will keep my fingers crossed that all these dreams come true.

10 komentar:

  1. father. .
    that's a simple but great dream that support me to do the same. .

  2. Father, we actually have the same dreams.
    Let's study harder and work harder to realize them! ^^
    However, u must keep your health too, father. :)

  3. father I think We are the same dream become a teacher.but I think father go to my hometown and teach my students.ok?

  4. we are all have the same dreams !!! yeeeee. .
    hoooorrrreeee !!!!! XD
    hope we can be a good teacher next time. ;D

  5. Actually, it is very great dreams, I am sure that your dream will be come true..

  6. Father..your writing is very good..inspiring writing..hahaha..
    Please pray for me..cause I really want to take a picture with kangaroo and go to Opera House,,hahaha..

  7. hmmmmmmmmm,,,Nice dreams and nice writing too...
    I hope you can reach them...
    Just do your best father!!!!!
    Good luck!!!!

  8. Father,...can you help me about my writing,..because you're right,writing is very important for thesis in the last semester..haha

  9. okay father,,,thanks a lot for giving me the holy advice...

    I hope that you can also reach your dream father...