Kamis, 11 Februari 2010


My full name is Antonius Waget. You might feel funny and question why I call myself Anton "Penting". Actually PENTING stands for Pendatang Keriting. Besides, penting describes how important I am for my family.

I come from a big family of 8 children, in Flores, NTT. As one of my sisters is late, I have four sisters and two brothers. My father is also late already since last year, June 26. I am the first son, second born. The first, third, fifth, and sixth are girls. The late was the fourth born. The first and the fifth born are still singles. The third and the sixth born are married. Two of my brothers, the seventh and the eighth are still singles. My mother is living alone at home, as all of us, the children are at work and universities, including myself. I did my Philosophy degree in a university in Flores (1992-1997), and now I am studying in University of Sanata Dharma, at English Language Education.

Honestly, I am so grateful to be born in the family with a great responsible parents. All of the children are well educated. My mother and late father worked very hard to educate us. The last born is at the first year of one of the universities in Flores. He joined the university just right after my father passed on. As the first son and according to our culture, I must take over the very important ("Penting") responsibility from my late father. So, together with my mother, I am responsible for the last born`s education.

You might have a question how I help my youngest brother while studying. I have a benefactor willing to support his study. So far everything is going so well, and I am very happy with my life as a student with a responsibility I have to take. I feel as the first son in the family I am very important "Penting" "person for my youngest brother.

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  1. It's a nice story.
    A few minutes ago you said that "PENTING" means PENDEK and KERITING.
    But in you blog you didn't mention it.
    Alright father, have a nice writing!

  2. What a nice post!!!! Now, I know what the meaning of "PENTING" in your posted name....So inspired father...Let's we learn together!!! Okay????? Happy Writing!!!!

  3. Father Anton...
    I want to be your fans.hehehe.....